We go on an invigorating aromatic journey at The Spa by The Leela

Walking down the well lit corridors of lower level of the Leela Hotel Mumbai with shops on either side I soon found myself at the glass doors of the Leela Spa.

One step in and I felt I was in another world where time slowed down, away from the noise, the clutter and the fast paced life of Mumbai. The dim lights, the candles, the muted colours, the warmth of the natural wood, the strains of light music and the fragrance of blended oil gave it a feeling of a peaceful, relaxing oasis. A treat for the senses as you get enveloped in the sights, smells and sounds of the spa.

The Spa at the Leela Mumbai has 4 single treatment rooms and one couples room which has its own steam and shower. The men and women changing areas were spacious with the steam and sauna facilities and numbered lockers to put your belongings and not bother about the key.
The spa is open from 7am to 10pm.

spa-leela-espa-productsTherapist and Products
The 8 Indian therapists are carefully chosen on the basis of their experience and talent. They have to then undergo rigorous training to come upto the standards and demands of the Leela Spa. They have to be well versed in the ESPA products which are used across all Leela Spas. ESPA is the world’s leading spa company and with years of experience and an in depth knowledge of different cultures, treatments and products result in treatments that leave you wanting more. The treatments are holistic in nature, and only the purest natural ingredients that are ethically sourced make up their products.

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spa-leela-treatment-room-2The Treatment
The treatment as they call a journey, begins with filling in a consultation form informing the therapist of any ailment or any part of the body that you want them to concentrate on. A choice of welcome drinks were a lemongrass tea and a ginger and honey tea, after which I was led to the changing area. The floors were carpeted so as to muffle the footsteps and not disturb the peace and tranquility of the spa. From the changing area I was led into a relaxation room that had 4 reclining beds where one could relax before and after the treatment. From there I was escorted to the treatment room in which one feels like in a cocoon. I was offered the music menu to choose from with the aim of personalizing my treatment. The genres ranged from Pure Nature to Indian Classical. The ESPA soothing oil which I chose contained Sandalwood, Rose and Geranium. It is believed to have calming properties and is good for insomnia. With the ninety minute aromatherapy massage that I was going in for started the blissful experience.

It started with the foot ritual where the therapist soaked my feet in warm water and added primrose oil to soften the feet, sea salt and a scrub to remove the dead skin. After explaining the importance of each product and the therapy that I was to undergo I lay down on the massage bed which felt surprisingly warm to which I was explained that they had bed warmers that could be adjusted to the requirements of the client.
The diminutive and petite masseurs are far from fragile. These therapists are firm and thorough and can exude as much pressure as you desire. I soon found myself surrendering to being pampered and could feel the knots and tension in the shoulders slowly melt away. It was almost as though the therapist could read my mind and knew just the points to press. With her nimble fingers and soft palms I felt pampered and at the same time reassured of being in capable hands. The treatment lasted for an hour and a half and the icing on the cake was the head massage at the end. With gentle and experienced hands the head massage transported me to cloud nine. The treatment ended with a warm cup of lemon grass tea which I was served in the relaxation room.

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The treatment left me feeling completely relaxed and rested but energetic at the same time.
Can’t think of a better way to spend an afternoon and I left the The Spa at the Leela with a glow on my skin, a smile on my lips and a spring in my step.

Aromatherapy Massage – 90 minutes –Rs 6900 plus taxes.

The Leela Mumbai
Sahar, Mumbai 400059
Tel No: +91 (22) 6691 1234

The Luxe Factor Is

9 Ambience
9 Treatment
9 Products used
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