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Like many, I too have come to accept that the times we live in are strange. Indeed, they are. I’m home-bound, because that’s the wisest thing to do, and have found an oddly generous amount of time on my hands. Which is why, self-care seems to have become one of my key mantras when it comes to keeping my sanity in check. If the world were to suddenly open up, one place I’d dart straight to would be a spa. But alas, that’s not the risk I will be taking anytime soon, and so I turned to options of self-treatment, home spa solutions. ESPA happened to be one of the most recommended, with products that have made their mark across continents. And so, I gave it a try.   

Let me first tell you a little about the brand. ESPA is a world-renowned wellbeing organization founded by Susan Harmsworth, who used to be a feature writer at Vogue back in the ’60s. Being a part of the glamor world herself, Susan often pondered about creating a skincare solution that simulated salon-like treatments, at home. Since 1992, ESPA has been creating products based on the philosophy of providing the purest form of skincare products to the world. Today, ESPA runs over 300 spas in 55 countries where some of the best skincare experts, such as dermatologists, biochemists and aromatherapists create customized solutions for their clientele. 

ESPA Invigorating Face Wash – Rs 3,420
There’s nothing like a shot of invigoration to break the monotony of the day. Being home does deprive you of exposure to fresh air and also discourages you from hydrating much. I could feel this impacting the quality and texture of my skin. ESPA’s Invigorating Face Wash is a rich foaming, yet gentle, cleanser. I especially liked it because of its soap-free formula that deeply purifies the skin and relieves it of any congestion, such as makeup or impurities. This product has been specially formulated to suit different skin types be it oily, combination, and congested. It worked remarkably on my oily skin, that had begun to bother me, with the humid October heat of Mumbai making it even worse. The Face Wash has a citrus scent to it, with foaming natural agents such as Oat extract, Olive oil, and Wheat, that helped refresh and clean my face. I’d recommend adding ESPA Invigorating Face Wash to your skin-cleansing rituals, before and after stepping out. 

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ESPA Invigorating Body Reviver – Rs 3,710
Now that my face felt well taken care of, I needed something for the rest of my body, to feel rejuvenated again. The aptly named Invigorating Body Reviver did the needful. Its naturally foaming property made it wonderful to feel and use, and the gentleness in the way it exfoliated my skin has made it a permanent resident in my essentials cabinet. The exfoliation agent employed in the body reviver is Bora Bora Sand, while the Coconut Extract and Moringa Seed managed to clean the grime from my intense home workouts. Like the Face Wash, the reviver also had a lemony fragrance to it, which naturally uplifts the mood and stirs the senses. It’s a great product to use if you want to part ways with rigid dry cells, especially the kind that can plague your skin in winter months. 

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ESPA Overnight Hydration Therapy – Rs 4,930
I found it quite insightful to learn how my continuous exposure to air-conditioning was affecting the hydration of my skin. My face would feel like a parched patch of land because I’d hardly sweat, unless of course it was workout day. For this, I turned to ESPA’s Overnight Hydration Therapy, an intensely hydrating overnight treatment mask that not only ensured that my face was relieved of dryness, but also managed my complexion and added a dash of radiance the next morning. It uses Chocory Root to stimulate Vitamin D-like benefits that reinforce the skin’s natural barrier function. It has calming effects on the mind as well, with Cedarwood and Ylang Ylang acting overnight. The hydration ensured by Hyaluronic Acid and Konjac Root can be testified by many skincare experts. 

ESPA’s spa-at-home products promise to deliver a luxe spa experience, rather impressively. With this range now available in India, luxury experts, both consumers, and brands are looking forward to sharing their stories with the world. I thoroughly enjoyed this ritual and would recommend the same for folks with all skin types. 

These products and a lot more available on Espa Skincare India

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9.0 Effectiveness
9.5 Aroma
8.0 Value for money
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