Surprisingly flying to Hong Kong and getting an iPhone X is still cheaper than getting the phone in India

I’m certainly one of those interested in the iPhone collection thats deemed to hit shelves this September. Undoubtedly so, just like most of you – I too was keen on splurging on the iPhone X only to realise it’s possibly more practical to fly to Hong Kong, purchase the phone and return to India. And no, this is not me exaggerating. Let me try convincing you why this is an ideal situation.

iPhone X (256GB) in India: INR 102,000

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iPhone X (256GB) in Hong Kong: Approximately HKD 9,888. This means using the current exchange rate, in Indian currency the price is Rs 80,999.

So, basically, if you book your flight to Hong Kong today, the cheapest flight in the first week of November (when the phone is debuting in stores) that you can book from Indian will cost around Rs 20,000. That’s still Rs. 1,000 cheaper than procuring it directly from here.

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The primary reason behind our idea is that one can say that the iPhone X is cheaper in some other places. As it always happens, the market where the iPhone X is going to be the cheapest is probably Hong Kong.


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