We tried the new luxurious hair care range by Nashi Argan and absolutely love it

There’s no dearth about the number of hair and beauty products flooding the markets with a promise to make your hair soft, healthy, silky, shiny, luxurious… you name it and you have it! Believe me when I say I’ve tried and tested almost everything. So when I heard of a new brand launching in the Indian market I looked it up even before they reached out to me with an invitation to sample their hair care products. The brand in question is Nashi Argan; an Italian company with a strong focus on environment friendly products. All their products and treatments are free from sodium chloride, sulphates, phosphates and parabens. Score one there for Nashi Argan.

Their hair care range consists of five products which I’m going to talk about in detail.

The Nashi Argan shampoo (INR 1250, 200 ml) is suitable for all hair types. The shampoo gently cleanses without stripping your hair of essential oils and it gives your hair maximum hydration. People with chemically treated hair can rejoice as this is one shampoo that cuts down the frizz and makes even dry and damaged hair appear “visibly” healthy and soft. If there’s one thing you need to look out for when buying a shampoo is to make sure that it does not strip your hair of its natural water content and oils and Nashi Argan does just that.
Nashi Argan Oil
What I liked most about their conditioner (INR 1350, 200 ml) is that it does not weigh your hair down like other conditioners do. Formulated with argan oil and linseed oil; it detangles and gives your hair that much needed nutrition and smoothness. A complete hydration boost indeed!

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Then there’s the oil (INR 2250, 100 ml) that moisturizes, brightens and protects your hair. Again, like the conditioner this is quite light and does not give you that sticky oily feeling. The bonus is that it also protects your hair from UV rays. I used the shampoo followed by the conditioner and then applied the oil to towel dried hair. After a blow dry, I really did feel like I had salon like hair. My tip – do invest in this as it is quite different from all the other Argan oils in the market; this one is light and instantly gives you that much needed shine and nourishment.

Their Deep Infusion Mask (INR 1600, 150 ml) is a treatment mask that can be used to improve the health of your hair. It can be used sparingly a few times a month. The mask is rich and like the name suggests, it deeply penetrates your hair providing you nourishment and vitality. Plus, it helps you style your hair with ease.
Nashi Argan Hair Care Range
My personal favorite is the Instant Hydrating Styling Mask (INR1500, 150 ml); a wonderfully moisturizing leave-in spray that instantly gives hair a silky feel and makes it easier to handle. I have frizzy hair and I found that it reduces the frizz instantly adding volume and a brilliant shine. It’s a little lighter than the oil and can be left in all day without weighing your hair down. Plus, it’s a heat protectant and can be applied before styling your hair.

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My verdict – Definitely, a cut above the rest. For one, its eco friendly and does not strip your hair of its natural moisture content (in fact Nashi Argan removes only 10% of your hair’s moisture content). Plus, it has this nutty, vanilla like fragrance that stays on. Lastly, it actually does give you that salon like effect every time you use all the products together.

Their hair care range is available across all premium salons in Mumbai. If you’re lusting after luscious, beautiful hair; go grab yourself their range today! They also do have a skin care range but we will have to wait for that to hit the Indian market. I for one; cannot wait for that to happen.

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