We are thrilled that St Regis Mumbai now delivers a luxury multi-cuisine menu to our doorstep!

In the last few months, most of us have had to take to the kitchen in the absence of house help. Over this period, where the coffee has to be Dalgona and even the daal needs to be Instagrammed, most home cooks have tried their hand at elaborate recipes. But the irony is that though people are looking for ways to elevate their own culinary creations, they’re also looking to order in good, wholesome food whose hygiene and taste can be relied upon.

Which is where St Regis in-home dining menu comes in. Pegged as ‘luxury dining, delivered at your doorstep’, it’s certainly a premium experience. Right from the well designed digital menu that I found incredibly easy to navigate on my smartphone and a delight to choose from. For a delivery menu, they’ve certainly pulled out all the stops, with a wide variety of high-demand dishes from Seven Kitchens, By The Mekong, and Sahib Room available for delivery. 

On the designated day, the smartly turned out duo, complete with livery and gloves, that brings the trademark white paper bags emblazoned with the ‘Marriott on Wheels’ logo to my home, also set the luxe tone for the ample spread they bear.  

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Each dish is ensconced in properly labelled packaging that can only be called beautiful, even as it is eco-friendly and completely spill-proof, adding to the feel-good factor. 

A few days prior, I’ve picked a variety of preparations from each of the sections, to see whether they translate well in terms of taste and thrill (consuming them at home instead of a fine-dining environment) and whether they travel well too. 

I’m pleased to report that both the Thai soups handle the transition brilliantly. The velvety Tom Kha with tiny flavourful prawns and the punchy vegetarian Tom Yum is as good as I’ve had at By The Mekong, the heat perfectly balanced in such a way that though someone like me, who prefers less chilli, can feel it but still enjoy it. 

The delicate Edamame Truffle Dumplings has got a bit bumped on the way over, but the jostling hasn’t taken away from their impeccable taste. Even the texture of the filling, which can sometimes be a bit gluggy, is the right mix of creamy and crunchy. The Kandahari Paneer Tikka and Tandoori Pink Salmon (that are the toast of Sahib Room) arrive as fresh and tender as can be, each morsel a mouthful of magic. 

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I find that the Bhindi Methi Churan, to be had with Butter Naan, has the simplicity of healthy home cooking along with the complexity of flavors that ancestral recipes impart. Similarly, the green Thai curry and the ginger-smoked Jasmine rice are dishes that a skilled Thai homemaker would be proud to put on her table.

This earthiness, elevated by quality ingredients, time-tested techniques, and generous portions, is what makes this menu by the hotel’s Culinary Director Paul Kinny and his talented teams a success. Resisting the urge to show off, they’ve kept it simple and elegant, which works very well in these times, where diners are looking for excellence, not excess. 

With Indian desserts as well as on-point faves like their gluten-free yet decadent Flourless Chocolate Cake also up for orders, Mumbaikars will be able to access the memorable meals from the hotel that they’ve been missing. Family Sundays or Friday date nights can finally be sumptuous and stress-free again.

Where: 462, Senapati Bapat Marg, Lower Parel, Mumbai, Maharashtra
Phone: 022 6162 8000

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