10 Thousand BC quenches your thirst exclusively

Of the world’s sizeable water supply, 97% is salt water found in our oceans. Only 3% is freshwater and most of that is locked away by nature: frozen in glaciers and polar ice caps, caught in the atmosphere and soil or trapped so far beneath the surface that we cannot access it. But now we can avail of this precious existing resource. Locked in an icy vault for over 10,000 years, 10 Thousand BC is the world’s finest luxury glacier water from the remote and environmentally protected Coastal Glacier Range in beautiful British Columbia Canada.

Glacier water has recognized the world over for its unsurpassed natural purity, high ionic content, and ability to slow the aging process. Only the purest water optimally hydrates the body, reduces anxiety, heightens brain functions, and stimulates everything from plant growth to the human sex drive. 10 Thousand BC embodies the essence of a new generation of luxury and elegance. Fine Water Imports introduces you to the true taste of this light, clean, crisp, smooth glacier water for a mere $7.

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