A limited edition ‘Good versus Evil’ foosball table from Eleven Forty Company up for grabs

Foosball tables will soon be a rage especially keeping in mind the high friends and football fans, but this time it’s a game within a game. If you like to own one such table that gives you more than just a football on a table experience, check out the This special edition ‘Good versus Evil’ table. These tables come with 6 types of balls to play 3 different games. These tables are handmade with a lacquer-finished maple wood cabinet, hardened UV glass pitch, rebound plates, goal protection strips, telescopic aluminum rods with brass castings, biologically-designed aluminum handles and hand-painted players with the complete football gear.

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Limited to 20 pieces, the good team of players includes Santa CLAUS, Sir Thomas MORE, Bobby MOORE, Flash GORDON, Christopher ROBIN, GOD, ASSISI, JEKYLL, POPPINS, TERESA, and M.K.GANDHI. The evil players include POT, LUCIFER, CALIGULA, Jack the RIPPER, Vlad the IMPALER, HITLER, Lady MACBETH, HYDE, Rosa KLEBB, AMIN and the Child CATCHER .Crafted by Eleven Forty Company the set is available here.