AMEX Butterfly card soars

Here’s a new twist on an old concept but with a slight touch of elegance in design. The butterfly is a sleek new accessory that you can use wherever American Express cards are accepted. The butterfly is a classy looking key-chain that houses an American Express card inside of the key-chain. The card actually folds in half to fit inside; you can just pull out the half with the magnetic swipe strip or you can remove the card from the case and unfold it to full size. The “signature accessory” is intended to give some cache to carrying a Gold Card, but it is also a way to minimize what you carry. American Express points out that it can be used as an accessory or key ring, as a chain or loop can be easily attached to it. It looks much more stylish than just about all other keychain credit cards.

Butterfly works interchangeably with the traditional Gold Card. Currently, the Butterfly card is only available to select American Express Gold Card members. Additional Butterfly Cards for other Cardmembers on your Card account may be available at a future date. Don’t fantasize and expect this butterfly to make all charge card bills fly away too!

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