Cyclepods a modish, compact concept for parking cycles

Cyclists are usually wasting time wandering around the streets looking for an appropriate lampposts or railings to secure their bicycle to. Looks like their problem is solved with this space-age looking cycle storage unit which will smarten up bike parking all over town. Designed by James Steward of Built From Scratch Design Ltd., the Cyclepod provides eight secure spaces for parking your bike. The bikes are stored upright and the front wheel and frame can both be locked in place. There is also the option of having a canopy over the pod to protect the bikes from the weather. The good news is that the Cyclepod is made from 95% recycled aluminium and has a 10-15 year estimated life span. Comparatively, it uses half the space of current storage units for the equivalent number of bikes.

Nottingham county council was involved throughout the entire design process and approved every design feature. Avant-garde appearance and design combined with it are extremely functional characteristics makes it suitable for urban regeneration projects. It measures 64”h x 79”d without canopy. Canopy measures 126” x 126” width, the height of 134” and head height of 90.5”. Cyclepod is also available in the colour of your choice for $8,995; canopy ($1,495) is optional.

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