Dream job? This company is offering a $38,000-a-year job searching for abandoned supercars

A couple of years back, NASA announced that it was ready to pay $19,000 to any person who was ready to sleep for 2 straight months for sake of a scientific study. Many deemed it as the perfect job and can’t really argue with that. However, a new job opening just presented itself on the internet, which according to me is the perfect job for anyone and everyone who loves cars. A UK-based luxury goods website HushHush is looking for a person who can go to the United Arab Emirates (UAE) and scout for abandoned supercars which can be sold on the company’s website. It’s very common in the UAE, especially in Dubai, to find abandoned high-performance cars. While some of them are ditched by the ultra-rich Emiratis, many of them are left behind wannabe big-shots fleeing the country to escape harsh penalties for non-payment of loans. The abandoned vehicles are eventually impounded by the police if owners do not respond to notifications.

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The one who gets the job will be given an accommodation in Dubai along with a living allowance and travel expenses. To get the job, the person should have a good understanding of luxury cars and their valuation, have negotiating skills and should be able to track down contact details of the owner or finance company the vehicle is registered to. The company is willing to pay 30,000 British pounds (about $38,000) and a commission for each luxury vehicle acquired and eventually sold. Aaron Harpin, HushHush.com founder said: “This is a great opportunity for someone – and for us! It’s amazing that so many incredibly luxurious cars are just being abandoned and we want to be able to capitalise on this and offer the very best to our customers. Also, given their rarity, many of these cars could potentially appreciate in value, therefore could be a great investment.”

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