‘Facebook for the rich’ comes with an outrageous $9,000 membership fee

Social media is great, is it one of the best things to happen to the Internet since email. Like all the good things in life, setting up a profile on a social media website is free, all you need is an email id to sign up and in a jiffy you are able to connect to your friends, family, etc, But all of you know this right, but what you dont know that there is a new kid on the block is Netropolitan club which would be charging $9,000 a year ($3000 a year after that) just to give you what Facebook does better for free. The high fee is supposedly for the exclusivity so that only the so called millionaires can connect and interact. So instead of Candy Crush and Farm Ville requests the supposedly high rollers would be exchanging ideas on the stock market, art, wine and so forth. Interestingly apart from the so called exclusivity the members dont get anything extra for the 9k they spend.

Netropolitan.club is the brainchild of James Touchi-Peters, a music composer, performerand former conductor of the Minnesota Philharmonic Orchestra. According to its public relations firm, the “exclusive online country club” is designed for “busy individuals, hungry for a place to communicate with like-minded people.”

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“Netropolitan is an online country club, focused on connecting members around the world. We believe there is a need for a community like this, and we are filling the need,” Touchi-Peters said in a release. “Some busy millionaires feel isolated. Netropolitan club is a place for them to interact with people within their social status, but outside their social circle.”

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The website will be advertisement-free and activities will be private but monitored. Members must be at least 21 years old and must register using their real names. Once in, they may form groups around common interests, but will have access to posts and status updates by all other users.

Well, I am not quite sure if we are ready to upgrade yet. For now, you can catch us on the old-school social media platform.

[Via – LA-Times]

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