Man fined $1 million for speeding in Switzerland

We have previously covered stories of some of the most expensive traffic tickets. But these sums will seem like pennies after you hear about the staggering fine a guy was charged for speeding down the roads of Switzerland. The story goes thus; a 37-year-old guy enjoyed cruising in his Mercedes SLS AMG on a Swiss road, A12 between Bern and Lausanne, at a speed of 180 mph. However, the speed limit on the road was 75mph. We know it’s hard to resist speeding when you sit behind the steering wheel of beauty like the Mercedes SLS AMG. But maybe he should have thought twice before exceeding the speed limit by such a great difference. Maybe the guy thought he could zoom out of the traffic cops’ vision before they even realize what happened. However, the poor guy was not so lucky and was asked to pull over within just a few miles. His car was confiscated, he was taken to the police station, and he was left with a speeding ticket of almost $1 million!

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Yes $1 million because according to the Swiss traffic offenses penalty system, the amount of money one has to pay for a speeding ticket is calculated directly related to the guilty one’s income. I guess we can call him a poor rich guy.
So the next time you want to avoid an enormous traffic fine in Switzerland, be ready to pose as a pauper.

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