Solid Gold Calendar for 2007

Mark your golden moments, dates and some precious days (yet to come) on this Solid Gold Calendar! A Tokyo jeweler is cashing in the year 2007 by producing a calendar for the same form of solid gold. The calendar, produced by jeweler “Ginza Tanaka,” was unveiled at the company’s main store in Ginza. This glitzy 2007 calendar measures by 42 cm by 67 centimeters, and weighs 6 kilograms. Since the calendar was printed on a sheet of pure gold, the front face is shiny and serves as a mirror.

On the back of the calendar is an image of historical Japanese military commander Takeda Shingen, who is believed to have produced the first gold coins in Japan. Given that Gold is always considered as an investment, this calendar is going to be pricier year by year! Unlike usual calendars that we have to discard at the year’s end. The maker has priced it at 20.07 million yen to match the year 2007. With a price tag of US $171,000, it is designed only for the well-heeled.

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