Top 7 Blinged Furniture for the Rich and Famous

No 2 – Swarovski Crystal studded furniture by Finkeldei
The Swarovski Crystal studded furniture collection by Finkeldei in shades of Ruby Red and English Purple is undoubtedly a beguiling collection to be adorning the living room of any house. The German luxury manufacturer offers more than 50 models with sparkling crystals to its 2009 collection. The collection also includes a line of exquisite tables, cabinets and sideboards to go with the principal furniture.

No 1 – Diamond and Swarovski studded Furniture Collection by Edra
Hypothetically last in the list but first in our catalog, the Diamond Furniture Collection by Edra is truly a magnificent piece. It manages to steal the show with its diamond collection studded with thousands of crystals. Kevlar, a special high resistant fabric is cut and studded with Swarovski crystals using a special glue sensitive to high temperatures, ensuring their adhesiveness for ages. The underscore of the complete Swarovski collection is the Diamond Sofa which is nothing but a Flap Sofa studded with more than 750,000 Swarovski crystals.

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Special Mention/Honorary Mention –
Apart from these, there are a couple of furniture items that couldn’t make it to the list, but they did flaunt aesthetics that appealed to us. First is the Florentine Bed with pop up flat screen plasma TV. As you can see it is a grand Renaissance fantasy bed that has intricate carvings.

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Another one that has a certain visual appeal to it is the ostentatious diamond sofa by Samanta Snidaro and Andrea Fino of Sand & Birch design studio. On the wide aluminum stripe, are 160 crystals of Swarovski. The diamond sofa is produced in numbered edition of 100 pieces.
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