Watch Big Games Lavishly

Take your game to another level! Lavish suites are a trend in professional sports, but special seating dates back to the earliest days of baseball. Much like high-end spas, today’s luxury boxes are trying to distinguish themselves with all manner of bells and whistles. Nearly every major ballpark in the country has incorporated luxury boxes into their seating options. Investing millions of dollars in the most up-to-date design and technology make Luxury Suites the perfect place to combine business and fun. Luxury suites are the ideal location for entertaining friends and clients, conducting business, or just enjoying the game. Here is the list of the best spots, the price (per season unless otherwise indicated) and their home teams – 1) Luxury boxes at The Rogers Centre, Toronto Blue Jays ($32,000 a game): With the ultimate in high-level amenities and a variety of locations to suit any occasion, Rogers Center’s new luxury suite areas allow for a great way to attract new prospects, reward employees or to celebrate business in style and comfort. They are offering the latest, high-tech meeting room to augment your presentations with the convenience and strategic benefits of wireless internet, flat-screen TVs, and all the audio and visual accessories you need to complete your meeting. Plus, you can watch the game after your meeting right from the same space.

2) The Pool Zone at Chase Field, Arizona Diamondbacks ($5,900 per game): If you are looking to make a big splash this year, look no further than the Leslie’s Pool Zone! The pool and spa sit nearly four feet above the ground, allowing fans in the pool to enjoy an unobstructed view of the action on the field as well as additional areas to view the game. The Diamondbacks incorporated the use of natural stone finishes, including canterra and flagstone to give the pool a feel of an Arizona backyard. The Pool Zone also features a private bar area, plasma television, and plush patio seating.
3) Suites at FedEx Field, Washington Redskins ($75,000 to $200,000)
4) Platinum executive suites at Air Canada Centre, Toronto Maple Leafs ($287,000 to $465,000 )
5) The Lofts at Cardinals Stadium, Arizona Cardinals ($65,000 to $125,000)
6) President’s box at Arthur Ashe Stadium in Queens, host of the U.S. Open ($12,000 to $25,000 per session)
7) Luxury boxes at Gillette Stadium, New England Patriots ($325,000)
8) Suites at Bank of America Stadium, Carolina Panthers ($59,000 to $100,000+)
9) Luxury box suites at Busch Stadium, Saint Louis Cardinals ($105,000 to $185,000)

Since the debut of the modern sports luxury box, private skyboxes have become a staple in professional sports for those fans privileged or connected enough to gain access to the holy grail of spectator seating.

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