World’s most expensive bicycle saddles created by Crown Saddle

It’s not enough to have a classy bike to ride if you don’t have a comfortable seat to ride it on. So if you are looking at some eco friendly seating option to your leather, carbon fiber, titanium or 24-carat gold plated bikes then you can get them as pricy as possible too, thanks to Crown Saddle. Their three new stylish designs are named Konig Freidrich, Graf Ludwig, and Herzog Ebarhardt. The Konig Friedrich saddle, limited to 80 pieces, is crafted in fiber with a gold plated artwork to add some bling, making it lightweight and pretty. You can also pick up the seat with rhodium, gold, or platinum plating options. The Graf Ludwig saddle made from dual-hued napple leather of grey and white with double stitching is probably the heaviest of the lot. The double pipe stitched seat can also be picked up in an array of colors.

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The last design is called the Herzog Ebhardt saddle. Also, a limited edition of 80 units weighs somewhere between the two at 93 grams and offers best to both the other options. It sports a carbon fiber base with gold work and also nappal leather accents. The saddle sports a brush-finished carbon fiber and Kevlar base, with an elaborate gold design and double-stitched leather fittings. The prices on the saddle range between $1,772 and $2,550.

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