Pawsome Indeed! This tourist attraction in Somerset, UK lets you snuggle and play with super-friendly golden retrievers on a campsite

If you wish to own a dog but are afraid of a full-time commitment – fret not! Golden Retriever Experience in Minehead, Somerset has got you covered! The tourist attraction allows you to cuddle and play with a pack of affectionate dogs and even stay overnight with the loving pooches, minus the hassles of actually owning one!

As part of the experience, guests can spend time with friendly retrievers, which also includes cute puppies, by feeding, playing tug, or simply snuggling with them. The attraction caught public attention after a TikTok video of the adorable dogs went viral.

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TikTok user Tilly Washer recommended people to visit the center after going there with her partner to mark their anniversary. Her video shows dozens of retrievers frolicking in the grass, running, and playing around in the field, with Tilly remarking it as the best day ever.

The company has said that they are now experiencing ‘an exceptionally high number of ‘inquiries since re-opening to the public on April 12. The website adds that the dogs are ‘impeccably trained and endlessly affectionate,’ making the experience perfect for dog lovers.

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Those interested can book an introductory two-hour long session for $80, which costs $69 for seniors and $40 for children and is free for children under two. Three- and four-hour sessions cost $125 and $166, respectively, wherein visitors can take the dogs for a walk and even enjoy a barbeque with friends.

If you’re looking for a pawsome getaway, this is where you need to be!

[Golden Retriever Experience]

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