Spinster leaves behind $146,000 for her beloved pooch

This is one piece of news that has left a smile on my face. During this time of recession, where people are letting go of their beloved pets, a spinster has left £100,000 ($146,000) in her will to care for her dog- a fox terrier named Nell. I know most of you would disagree with her choice, but I really appreciate her love and thoughtfulness for the pooch. The dog, aged four, will now be cared for by a friend of Miss Frankland’s, using the legacy’s interest to make sure it has a luxurious lifestyle for the rest of its life.

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Win Frankland was a Former mayoress, a retired headmistress, and a local Conservative councilor in Hyndburn, Lancs. Frankland passed away suddenly from a suspected heart attack just before Christmas last year at her home in Great Harwood, Lancs. And luckily for her dogs, she had already made her will in 2005. She has left £20,000 ($29,330) to her former mayor’s attendant and chauffeur, Jayne Carmody, to care for any pets that might be alive upon her death. She has also left £80,000 ($117,310) to create a trust fund, income from which has to be used for the maintenance of any of her surviving pets. But her generosity and kindness were not limited to her pets only. The dog lover has even left money for her grandchildren and the Church.
It looks like the saying ‘Every dog has his day’ is definitely true. And we are sure Nell isn’t complaining.

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