Donald Trump express disapproval for Chicago Spire

Chicago, the city where the skyscraper was born just can’t get enough of these super towers! On the other hand, our beloved Donald Trump is always making it to the headlines…whether it is for his deals or for commenting on other developer’s deals. The latest to come under the fire from one of America’s most famous businessmen is the Irish property developer Garrett Kelleher’s Chicago Spire. Chicago Spire (formerly known as the Fordham Spire) is a proposed supertall skyscraper in Chicago, Illinois, designed by Santiago Calatrava. Trump is bold enough to be loud about his critic opinion about it. In reacting to an amended design of Kelleher’s project, Donald has quoted that ‘‘The Chicago market is not good. There are many planned projects that won’t get built, and I predict this is one of them.”

Kelleher’s company, Shelbourne Development, announced earlier that the tower would have 160 stories, an increase of more than 30 from the initial plan. Although the building’s height (2,000 feet) remains unchanged, space that had been taken up by an actual spire will now be filled by the added residential floors. The building will also be broader and, whereas the original design had the tower appearing to ‘‘twist’’ through 360 degrees on its way to its summit, now the turn is only 270 degrees. All of these changes mean that the Chicago Spire will have three times the capacity it had in its earliest stages. It will total about three million square feet and will include 1,300 luxury residential apartments. An earlier plan to include a 150-bedroom hotel has been shelved. The development company’s aim to sell the units at a price of about $1,000 per square foot has raised some eyebrows…..mine too!

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