Meet Imāra, a 280m oil tanker turned into luxury yacht with indoor ski slope and 13 BMWs to move about

Luxury yachts come in all shape and sizes and over the years, we have seen many crazy designs that successfully caught our attention; but this massive superyacht is definitely the first of its kind. Named Imāra, the conceptual yacht is based on a 280-meter long SuezMax tanker platform. Measuring a mind-blowing 918ft in length, the luxury boat is nearly double the length of the world’s biggest superyacht, Azzam, owned by the Abu Dhabi royal family, which measures 590ft. The bonkers design is the brainchild of an Austrian firm called MOTION Code: BLUE and is planned to appeal to billionaires in the Gulf, who like their yachts to big massive and may like to celebrate their oil-based wealth with a superyacht designed to look like a tanker.

imara-3In fact, the name of the superyacht ‘Imāra’ is based on the Arabic word for ’emirate’. This larger than life mega yacht promises of extravagance with its state-of-the-art decor and amenities. It will have a beam of 57 meters and a total of 11 decks. While the fore deck will be elevated to accommodate three helipads, it will also be able to hold two choppers in its indoor hangar. The hull, painted white and gold paint, will be designed to accommodate tenders up to 90 feet. Another main exterior feature is the large atrium located amidships right above the wet garages and beach clubs. It stretches over 4 decks and generates imposing views from all angles to the wet garages below, where tender and toys can be operated easily through 4 side hatches (2 on each hull side), each 15m wide. The interior is even more impressive where all corridors have been designed for BMW i3 cars to pass, every guest has its own garage right in front of their suit or cabin. In terms of luxe amenities, the mega yacht will offer an in-house pool, ski slopes, bars and car parking.

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