Acura’s new NSX replaces the naturally-aspirated engine with a twin-turbocharged V6

They say all good things come from Japan, and we can’t disagree. The proverb was proven at the Detroit Motor Show only recently, with the unveiling of the charmingly wide and extremely low Acura NSX. The luxury and sporting division of Honda, Acura, has been teasing the unveiling of the NSX since quite a while now. The company has finally shown off the production-ready version of the car, complete with a twin-turbocharged V6. Unlike the previous version, Acura has decided to skip the naturally-aspirated engine. The V6 used in this one is capable of churning out 550hp and also receives help from a three-electric motor “sport hybrid” system. Keeping it all in place is a nine-speed dual-clutch transmission.

acura-nsx-6To make room for all of this gadgetry inside the new NSX, Acura widened the car by an inch and increased its length by a good three inches. The V6 is now longitudinally-mounted too. Crafted from aluminum, carbon fiber and high-strength steel, the Acura NSX promises to keep drivers safe. For added smiles, this ride comes with multiple engine adjustments with the dial-operated Integrated Dynamic System, featuring Quiet, Sport, Sport+ and Track modes. All of this comes for a price tag of just $150,000!