Along with Mercedes and BMW cars the massive cargo ship that caught fire last month was also carrying several Rolls Royce cars.

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Rolls-Royce recently confirmed that a small number of its vehicles are on board the Fremantle Highway, the cargo vessel that caught fire near the Dutch coastline at the end of last month. According to a Bloomberg report, the British luxury carmaker has been personally informing the affected clients. The Japanese company operating the vessel had disclosed that a total of 3,783 cars and construction vehicles were on board when it caught fire. Previous reports suggested that the cargo included around 350 Mercedes-Benz vehicles. The exact number of Rolls-Royce cars aboard the ship is unknown. However, Automotive News reports that “a low four-digit number” of the total cars on board were built by BMW and its sister companies, which include Rolls-Royce.

Thankfully, the Dutch authorities were successfully able to put out the fire, unlike the Felicity Ace carrying Porsches and other VW cars that sunk after a fire last year. The Panama-flagged Fremantle Highway was later towed to a harbor in the Netherlands. German publication Build reports that around 800 vehicles on board the vessel have been found to be intact and unaffected by the fire; although, there’s no confirmation on the make of those automobiles. The source that started the fire is yet to be confirmed, but the owner of the ship initially blamed it on one of the EVs being transported. Recent reports suggest the ship’s cargo includes 498 EVs, which is significantly more than the 25 units initially reported.

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