Jim Glickenhaus to race a Ferrari P4/5 Competizione in the 2011 24 Hours Nürburgring

Imagine the riches of a B-grade American movie director turned-financier. Well, don’t try too hard; just take Jim Glickenhaus for reference. His extensive Ferrari collection boasts of the 1947 Ferrari 166 Spyder Corsa, chassis 002C (which is said to be the oldest existing Ferrari), and two rare racing models, the 1967 P3/4s. And then, in 2006, he goes on to add the P4/5 by Pininfarina worth a staggering $4 million based on the Enzo, crafted to pay respects to the P3/4. And in 2010, he’s made the stock number to two!

Called the P4/5 Competizione, the new model takes base from the F430 with a 430 Scuderia chassis and F430 GT2 engine. It seems he plans to get the race on the track for the 2011 24 Hours Nürburgring after which it will serve as a street-legal machine. Just like the one from Pininfarina, the man will be doing the interior himself that too it would feature the iPhone and iPod interfaces.

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