Mercedes Benz new classic travel program offers a SL for a drive around the Mediterranean coast

We’ve all got our own ideas of a perfect holiday. But when it comes to putting pen to paper, many would pick travel along a beach road, and why not? Mercedes-Benz is capitalizing on this opportunity to grant patrons a unique opportunity to set off on an escapade along a scenic drive. Their ‘Classic Car Travel’ program gives users the option to drive the classic ‘Pagoda’ SL drop-top around the Mediterranean coast.

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The same program was initially run by Gert Pichter of Nostalgic GmbH fame and offered convertible Beetles and classic Alfa Romeos. With Mercedes-Benz joining the program we can also see the inclusion of the R107 model. The program commences with the customer being picked from the airport, then being briefed about the route in detail and also the facility to avail lodging in select hotels.

Each tour will set aficionados back by $2,260 and includes a tour guide to handle unforeseen circumstances. 10 different variants of the car will ply on a single route with a rotational model that will give customers the opportunity to experience various engines.

[ Via : Autoblog ]

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