Shaped like a bullet train, these Turkish amphibious caravans can effortlessly cruise on both land and sea

If you enjoy both family camping trips and boating, you’re often presented with the dilemma of what to tow behind your vehicle. Well, you might not have to make that difficult decision any more thanks to a Turkish startup called Sealvans. After unveiling a series of prototypes last year, the company has finally launched a pair of amphibious caravans that can operate like a boat on the water. The campers are claimed to be suitable for all bodies of water, offering the “possibility of camping on land and the pleasure of cruising.” Sealvans says the campers can operate on freshwater lakes for an unlimited amount of time, while it can only spend three months at a time at sea.

“When designing Sealvans, one of our main focal points was to provide ease of transportation both on land and in water,” the company stated. “With Sealvans you will feel the comfort of your home with you. It is a luxury boat caravan designed to meet all your basic needs.”

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Known as the Seal 4.20m and Seal 7.50m, the two models are distinguished by their dimensions and finishes. Both of them feature a distinct aerodynamic design with panoramic windows and convertible roofs. The smaller variant measures 4.2 meters in length, as the name suggests, and weighs a tad bit above 1600 pounds. Priced at roughly $33,000, the model is ideal for up to two adults and may not require special permits for use on the water, according to local laws. The larger model measures 7.5 meters and can be yours for about $77,500. This can accommodate up to three adults or a family of two adults and two small children.

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The larger Seal 7.50m model comes equipped with a functional kitchen, a compact bathroom with a shower, and comfortable seating. It also includes a main bed along with an option for an extra bed. Both models have to be towed by a vehicle on land, but they are self-propelled when converted into a boat. The engine powering the compact model only produces 10 horsepower, while the Seal 7.50m features a 50 hp engine that can power the amphibious caravan to a top speed of 13 knots. Both models are now available for purchase in select parts of Europe.

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