Singapore Airlines Airbus A380 launches luxurious ‘super-first’ class cabins

Traveling by air sounds comforting and lavish too but ask those who travel frequently or who actually live out of bags while jet-setting from one city/country to another. Stiff neck, lack of sleep, back-ache are few of the complaints you get to hear. But Singapore Airlines is persistently working on providing essential human comforts for travelers who are ready to shell out a little more. The latest from them is that they have announced the launch of the new ‘super-first’ class on the Airbus A380 double-decker. These fully enclosed private suites have been designed by famous yacht designer Jean-Jacques Coste. He has seen to it that each suite will be equipped with a leather seat and a full-sized bed with mattress. The two middle suites can be further transformed into doubles for couples. No mushy thoughts please! Travelers can also look forward for a 23-inch flat-screen TV, with a choice of 100 films and 180 TV programs, and 700 CDs.

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In all, the A380 will have 471 seats, the 12 suites, 60 in business class and 399 in economy. But passengers will have to pay £1,991 ($ 4,000) for a suite for one-way between Singapore to Sydney. Economy-class passengers in the A380 would pay £320 ($640) for the same journey. We all know that luxury does come for a price!


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