Tabbert Paganini…living with luxury!

Tabbert Paganini is a caravan that has elegance, class, luxury, and also the bedroom, kitchen, bathroom soaking in lavishness. The interior is gracefully detailed and takes you to breathe away the minute you cross the threshold and look around but somehow I do not seem to like the exterior especially the front. But since it’s in the interior where you have to live that’s all you should be bothered about. The mahogany wood is highly polished, the ambient lighting is skilfully recessed, and micro-LED spotlights dim at your command. The champagne-colored furniture decor emphasizes the elegant ambiance of the kitchen.

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Also, the three-burner Spinflo cooker with glass panel and a 189 litre refrigerator will allow you to stock up on the provisions and cook on demand. The spacious round shower with illuminated ceiling caters to your bathing whims. Tabbert’s flagship is available in three configurations, from 25 to 28 feet, and weighs between 1795 kg (3,957 lbs) and 1975 kg (4,354 lbs) in full running order for $55,000.

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