The iPad-controlled Gulfstream G550 Private Jet lets you fly in style

The next time you plan on traveling, make sure you are flying in this $60 million iPad- controlled Gulfstream G550 Private Jet. However, conceptual at this point, the multimillion-dollar private jet is Spain’s brainchild based, Industrial designer Stefan Radev. The Jet is designed with iPad controls that can put this plane in autopilot mode if required.

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Radev has taken his creativity to the next level by combining comfort and luxury. For the interiors, his eco-friendly design elements such as bamboo woodwork complement the neutral shades. His vision of jumbo oval-shaped windows allows for ample natural light and gives the whole aircraft a very sleek and modern appearance. Ergonomic seating, generous leg-space, built in iPads & iPods are luxuries that will leave the passengers asking for more. Whether you are working, lounging, or partying, the redesigned Gulfstream G550 will allow you to fly in style.

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