TriRig unveils Ultra Light Tri Bike

Not sacrificing on its aerodynamics, TriRig has unveiled its new bike in the ‘Lighten Up’ series called Ultra Light Tri Bike. The bike’s light weight is because nearly everything on it is finished in ‘3k carbon fiber weave’ which is functional and light. The bike uses an open mold frame called Exocet which features, in the company’s words ‘aggressive but stable triathlon geometry’. The bars have also been updated on this model with the VukaShift extensions complete with shifters, brake levers, and hardware.

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The bike has not been made for regular use but for someone who is keen on considering biking more seriously as a sport as well as for the company to open up new possibilities for the future of bike manufacturing. The cost of the bike is not known. But Gizmodo reports that TriRig’s previously launched, world’s lightest bike costs $45,000. Hence we don’t expect the Ultra Light Tri Bike to be affordable to all either.

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