Sukhoi Superjet 100 marks Sukhoi’s entry in the commercial jet arena

Russian aerospace firm Sukhoi is all set to mark its foray into the regional civil/commercial jet arena in the 75- to 95-seat category with the launch of the Superjet 100. The Superjet 100 was born through the collaboration between Sukhoi and Finmeccanica of Italy subsidiary Alenia Aeronautica. The €19.5 million ($27.8million) jet is designed to undercut comparable models from rivals like Embraer and Bombardier. A stylish jetliner, its interiors are done up by famed Italian design firm Pininfarina. Besides a stylish and luxurious environment, flyers can expect optimum comfort. The Superjet’s 5-seat rows setup, combining style and ergonomics, will be among the largest ever installed on regional transport aircraft courtesy, a fuselage 45 cm larger than those of competitors. The Superjet 100, which is all ready for delivery, is sure to appeal to luxury-loving flyers.

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Sukhoi also has plans for developing a VIP model in the future, which will boast of recliners instead of rows of seats. With the current economic times, let’s hope this investment by Sukhoi finds success.

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