First day of college? For $40,000, Uni Baggage will fly you there in a private jet!

In a move that seems inspired by Gossip Girl, Uni Baggage, an Irish company is now offering privileged students (not unlike the ones you saw in the American teen drama) a chance to get to college in not just fast cars but private jets! So much for ‘who’s driving the kids to college’!

Known for transporting student belongings across the U.K. and worldwide up until recently – and that would explain the name – Uni Baggage decided it was time to up the ante after repeated requests. “Our customers are constantly asking us for the full service. Rather than just book a shipping order they want us to look after the whole process of getting to uni, so we went the extreme and did it in luxury,” Uni Baggage founder Paul Stewart was heard saying.

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Now students can get from one part of the country to another in a private jet, and then ride in a flash car such as an Aston Martin or Ferrari to their college, while their belongings travel separate. There’s just one problem, £25,000 (over $40,000). Although, according to Stewart, that might not be such a problem, “We do a lot of shipping for Chinese and American students and they are the two international markets that spend a lot of money with us.” Uni Baggage is also offering a helicopter trip for £20,000 ($33,000) and a horse-and-carriage experience for £10,000 ($16,500), although for short distance journeys only.

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[Via – CNBC]

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