The Zapata Flyboard makes you the Superman of blue waters

The French jet ski champion Franky Zapata has created a joy machine that will get him blessings from generations to come: the Zapata Flyboard. It’s a butterfly chain of effects that lets you zoom 9 meters in the air or summersault through the waves like a mighty whale. No kidding. So how it works is thus, the magnificent device bolts onto the powerful motor of a jet ski, which in turn routes the resulting water jet through a long hose that is connected to a pair of jet boots and hand-held stabilizers. From what we hear, it’s priced for under 5000 Euro ($6700). That’s just a fraction of the Martin Jetpack which is estimated at $100,000.
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Not much has been disclosed about the Flyboard just as yet, but we will try and give you a low-down from what we know. The freak of the gadget is a bolt-on attachment that connects to a jet ski. From the vehicle’s side, the main jet exit is then routed up via an attached tube. Jutting out from this tube is a thick, flexible 9-meter hose that connects to the jet boots, which give you the hand controls to glide through the water like a saint.
For an extra €900 (US$1200) you get to have a trigger throttle built into the hand unit. Which means that the jet ski plods behind you as prance into the air on a column of water like a cute little dolphin. You want this mean machine now? Wait a little my friend, till Franky Zapata returns to base from his honeymoon and is floored with orders.

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