This 295 feet luxury yacht is inspired by a hammerhead shark

Oceanco has revealed that their hotly anticipated new 90m motoryacht, Y717 is ready to be delivered to the owner. This is the very first yacht in the Netherlands to be given the official Lloyd’s Register Integrated Bridge System (IBS) notation and designation. Designed for outdoor living, this yacht boasts a superstructure completely made of reflective glass. The owner can expect panoramic views for days.

The upper deck is a space for the owners designed without walkaround passages to ensure complete privacy. Instead, private balconies offer views and bring light into the rooms. The owners also have access to their own private forward- facing Jacuzzi.

“The profile has a unique sense of contrast and homogeneity between the dark glass and the white balconies, providing a constant exchange in shape and lines between the two elements,” said Luiz DeBasto who designed the exterior. “My initial drawings may have looked like a futuristic concept, yet she is now a very real yacht on account of the execution made possible by the advanced technology of the Oceanco engineering team and by the vision of her experienced owner and his team.”

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DeBasto ensured that the profile remains long, sporty and lean without a top- heavy superstructure. Interestingly, the Y717 was dubbed ‘Project Shark’, as the wing stations when viewed from above, bear a distinct resemblance to a hammerhead shark, while the mast in profile is shaped like a fin, contrasting with the flowing rhythm of the hull below.

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On the inside, the colors and mood are light and delicate in accordance with the owner’s wishes. “The main theme is nature, starting from blossom cascades, and moving to feathers, fish, waves and so on,” said Valentina Zannier, chief interior designer and junior partner at Nuvolari Lenard. “It is all nicely integrated in a fluent feeling that would make every guest feel very comfortable in any room, any time of the day. The richness is almost invisible because it’s expressed by the quality of the details and the tasteful combination of complete bespoke finishes.”

This gorgeous vessel is in a league of its own.

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