This transformer toy is the world’s 1st all-in-one automatic car tent

The summer season is almost upon us, and as eager as we are to shake off the winter blues, the interior of our cars hate the blazing midday sun, especially the leather upholstered ones. But it’s not just the inside of the car that suffers from the harsh sunlight; even the exterior paint starts to wear out by becoming dull. Car tents work great as automobile covers but their size and portability make them almost unusable. However, now you can buy your car a transformer-like toy that will provide all the shade your car needs without the hassle of tiresome installation and portability. Meet the Lanmodo, the world’s first wireless automatic car tent.

The Lanmodo car tent has a one-click wireless remote switch that opens and closes the umbrella. On full spread, the tent covers the roof and beyond of the windshield and windows. On a single charge, the unit can be operated for 45 days and it is built to last the life of an average car. The company claims that it is capable cooling down your car temperatures up to 40 degrees in hot weather. But that’s not all; the automatic tent can be easily transformed into an umbrella for the beach, park or any outdoor activity, picnic tent or a 4 people camping tent. Additionally, the USB port on it can be used to charge your phone or plug-in a USB light.


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