Wokart: An adrenaline pumping go-kart for the water

Go-karts with their tiny agile structures and high power-to-weight ratio can be bucket loads of fun. To recreate the same adrenaline pumping experience, but on water, designer Dr. Theo Christen has come up with a unique asymmetric catamaran named the ‘Wokart’. The featherweight catamaran has a mid-mounted motor which gives it unmatched turning capability without flipping over. The automotive styled steering system helps the Wokart turn on a dime. The 70hp outboard motor can power the boat to a top speed of 46mph.

The single seater catamaran took four rigorous years in testing and development and the designers painstakingly worked on the design to make the Wokart handle like a gokart with similar kind to agility. The Wokart will go into production at CMI in Thailand starting next month and retail for EUR 20,000 (approximately US$27,400). The good news is, a more powerful 85hp motor can be used to upgrade the power but at the risk of making it unmanageable.




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