World’s most expensive golf cart is street legal in Britain

Ideal for high-heeled golfers, the world’s most expensive golf buggy gets a green signal to hit the Britain’s roads. For £40,000 ($61,000), the Garia LSV will not only play the role of a golf cart but also of a street legal vehicle. Hitting a top speed of 35 miles per hour, this cart’s drive train is inspired by Formula One and built by the same Italian company which produces Ducati gearboxes. Don’t miss out the hand-stitched seats and 10-inch aluminium wheels too. The built-in fridge is courtesy a company which supplies to Bentley and Maybach. As we have mentioned earlier, this one is assembled at the same factory that has churned out some of the most luxurious wheels like the Porsche Cayman and the Porsche Boxster. With all the best auto brands connected to this cart in some form or the other, the world’s most expensive golf buggy is definitely much more than just a cart. If Garia LSV is parked in your garage, then you will not need to drive to the golf course in one car and then jump on to another cart to play the game.

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