YEE: Concept flying car for the future speedsters

Flying around the city in your very own flying car is no longer just a dream. With the advent of science and technology, a Jetsons-like world is now all set to become a reality. Reinforcing this faith is the latest concept creation from designers Zhu Wenxi, Lai Zexin, and Pan Jiazhi. The designers have dreamed up their version of a flying vehicle, which they have dubbed the YEE. Made for white-collared men and ladies around the world who need to be relaxed at the same time as having excellent reliability and speed, the YEE will surely be the most favored mode of transport of the future. Small and compact, this vehicle will let you maneuver easily through the air traffic and reach your destination in a jiffy. The vehicle transforms into a flying aircraft in just a few seconds (The front two wheels go sideways while the back two wheels turn outside).

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A propeller in the back wheels allows for max usage of room. In ai9r the propellers function to aid the vehicle in its flying function while on land the propellers work as wheels. A truly amazing concept, this vehicle is sure to make you scream “YEE” in delight.

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