Check out this 55-foot long helicopter that has been transformed into a holiday-home for six

If you happen to visit Stirling, Scotland soon and are not fussed about your luxury hotel chain concept, here’s an intriguing experience which you can tick off your bucket list. Only recently, a retired Royal Navy search-and-rescue helicopter has been transformed into an “innovative” new holiday rental home. Now now, we’re talking three bedrooms, a lounge, shower room and kitchen, and well how can the cockpit be of no use; It’s possibly my favourite element of the whole stay with a seating area offering panoramic countryside views.

Although the 55 foot-long Sea King ZA127 aircraft concluded its service back in 1994, it has been used for naval training since 2002. Now the inoperative chopped can accommodate six people.

Thankfully, its roomy and entails a double and a triple bed as well as a single bed at its tail end. One of the spacious bedrooms features a floor-to-ceiling sliding glass door and a folding sofa bed to create an additional lounge area.

As you enter the separate lounge area, you will soon discover a table and horseshoe-shaped bench-style seating leading into an intimate capsule-like bedroom for one.

Featuring fascinating earthy tones of navy blue, grey and biege, the interiors emanate a serene and snuggled up feel.

What’s interestingly is, a host of the helicopter’s original features have been retained and restored, especially the exterior which has been fully restored, and the cockpit, yet retains its original lighting.

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“We’ve retained the original dashboard, roof panel switches and foot pedals, so customers can experience the helicopter as she once was and pretend they are flying her on a mission,” Mr Steedman told the Press Asssociation (PA).

The experience is expected to set you back $200 a night per couple and will be open to public from spring next year.

Stirling-based farming couple Martyn Steedman and his wife Louise purchased the airship only recently and have invested over $50,000 towards its innovative transformation.

While you may believe that this is a one-of-a-kind experience, let me tell you about the Jumbo Stay – a jumbo jet dated back to 1976. The best room is a luxury cockpit suite complete with panoramic view.

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