From unmatched privacy in the Maldives to picturesque landscapes in Ireland. These are the top premium destinations for every travel-hungry person in 2021

In 65 days we will be commencing 2021 and what better way to begin the year than with a wonderful travel plan in place? Of course, the pandemic continues to terrify us off the typical, touristy places but this world is full of untapped territories, unexplored locales, and secluded yet unforgettable places. “Out flung destinations like the Maldives, Bora Bora, and the Caribbean will remain a favorite for the well-heeled traveler for a long time to come” says Peter Lavelle of Byevisa. We couldn’t agree more which is why we have curated a list of the top premium destinations for 2021, where guests can revel in the untouched, unspoiled bounties of nature while living life king-size in luxury accommodations. The new face of travel is unmasked; it is less crowded, there are more rules and regulations in place but it’s time we took those suitcases out and hit the following premium destinations to enjoy the world like we all originally intended:

A fantastic country off the edge of Europe is known for its jaw-dropping green rolling hills, rugged seaside cliffs, and windswept rock formations. But it’s not all about natural beauty, Ireland is also a country with a lively atmosphere,events, and festivals throughout the year like the famous TradFest held in Dublin or the must-visit, five-day celebration of St Patrick’s Day as well as International Oyster and Seafood Festival, for lovers of gastronomy. Ireland is home to is an estimated 30,000 castles dotted all over like the famous Dublin Castle in the capital or more offbeat choices like Blarney Castle, Bunratty Castle, or Dunluce Castle. As a self-confessed Game of Thrones fan, I highly recommend traveling to Northern Ireland to see the filming locations first-hand. Take a road trip down the Mourne Mountains, which doubled as Winterfell territory. Then drive through the haunting Kingsroad aka the Dark Hedges!

Bhutan has won several accolades and for good reason. It is the leading green destination in the world with snow-capped mountains and valleys covered in rich vegetation. It is also known as the happiness kingdom with a relaxed society, a positive happy vibe, and people that are not the richest but definitely most contended. The rich Bhutanese culture is awe-inspiring and opens a new world to travelers that can be experienced through farm stays, sharing local meals, listening to ancient stories, and other activities such as playing archery and soaking in a hot stone bath to unwind. Its criminal to set foot in Bhutan and not visit Taktshang (Tiger’s Nest); a 325-year-old monastery is considered one of the country’s most sacred religious sites perched 900 meters above Paro valley.

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Jackson Hole, USA
For skiers, winters are the best time of the year to go to Jackson Hole but if you can wait that long then the months of April, May, September, and October, is the best time to visit the pleasantest outdoor attractions in the West. Make sure you have time to explore Grand Teton National Park, explore the sights in the town of Jackson, and even have time for a trip to Yellowstone National Park. Jackson Hole offers world-class wildlife watching where animals come down from the high mountains and spotting moose, elk, buffalo, mountain goats, and bald eagles become easy. For adventure-seeking travelers, the Jackson Hole Mountain Resort is a haven offering unparalleled skiing and snowboarding terrains totaling 5,500 acres of the world’s hardest ski runs.

Tahiti is actually five groups of islands known as French Polynesia with fascinating marine life and an equally stunning variety of luxurious hotels and resorts. While the pristine sands, crystal clear waters, and stunning rainforests of Tahiti make it an ideal pick to commence the New Year, Tahitian dining makes for a solid reason too. You can enjoy it all right from fluffy pastries, fresh French bread, a classic continental dish, or head to the port of Papeete and revel in an array of varied food trucks. You can’t be in Tahiti and not mingle with the abundant and mind bogglingly remarkable marine life. Boat trips take swimmers and snorkelers to both shallow and deep clear waters to meet with rays, sharks, and tropical fish. Daredevils can also try something more venturesome like shark excursions.

Helsinki Finland:
A hotspot for design and architecture, this Finnish capital offers it all that amounts to the perfect holiday- a long history, delicious cuisines, and a design district brimming with lavish fashion stores, antique shops, art galleries, and restaurants. For those looking to connect with nature, immerse in the pure surroundings of the Nuuksio National Park. Located 50 kilometers away from Helsinki is the very touristy Porvoo; a place flanked with history, delicacies and prominent shore houses painted in red. There are some things money can’t buy like a sun that shines for 24 hours; the best way to enjoy this is the Finnish way-rent a cabin, relax and rejuvenate or plan a day trip adventure such as hiking, fishing, and canoeing.

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Bora Bora:
Although you don’t need a reason to visit the most beautiful islands in the world we will give you several. Bora Bora is a paradise that never feels crowded (you will always find a spot on the beach), it is frequented by the fortunate few who are not looking for anything cheap. Bora Bora is recommended for its glinting turquoise lagoon, dazzlingly white sandy stretches of beach and luxurious resorts. Bathe in oversized tubs, dine on French delicacies, enjoy unmatched spa treatments or swim with graceful sharks and pet stingrays. All this and more can only happen in the lagoon with the bluest and balmiest water at Bora Bora.

An idyllic beach getaway more than often makes for the ideal vacation. Incredible new hotels, seclusion, and an island life replete with luxury will make this an incredible socially-distanced choice in the coming year. Maldivian waters are teeming with rich marine life making it one of the best snorkeling/ diving locations in the world. Luxury resorts like Sovana Fushi, Como Cocoa Island, Raffles Maldives Meradhoo treat guests like royalty with unrivaled indulgence and pampering. The Maldives offer you a chance to literally live on the ocean with its myriad varieties of overwater villas where you wake up to the panoramic view of the vast turquoise sea and sleep to the sound of the waves. The Maldives truly offers an unbeatable combination of privacy, luxury, nature, and romance.

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