The 5 most luxurious onboard airline bars – Cocktails, premium munchings, they have it all

Travelling by air isn’t how it used to be in the 1960’s. And we’re not just talking about the fancy designer kits and spacious private suites. While travellers in coach may be cramped up in their seats, the elite lot are busy rejoicing mid-air in luxury with their fine Dom Perignon and caviar.

Airlines have now stocked up their jumbo jets with swanky new bars offering premium cocktails and aged wines. Throw in a few LCD screens and a spacious lounge area and you’ve got yourself a party!

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While our personal favourite would be the Qatar Airways bar on-board, airlines like Emirates, Korean Air, Etihad and Virgin Atlantic too do not fail to impress.

Here’s a list of the top five airplane bars to be seen.

5. Etihad
If you are flying first class, a full-fledged mini bar and Le Labo products in your suite are a given.
However, if you are in the mood to wine and dine with fellow passengers, first and business class passengers can hang out in The Lobby.
With fine wooden interiors and luxurious seating, Etihad’s on board bar is only available on the A380s.

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4. Emirates
A stylish horseshow shaped bar, two relaxing sofas and a 42 inch LCD screen make up the on-board bar on Emirates A380’s aircrafts.
The onboard lounge offering delicacies prepared by leading chefs, fine wines and perfectly mixed cocktails. Of course, you will find a fine assorted breed of business and first class passengers at the bar.

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