The Lady 8 Flower – An exquisite time-piece by Jaquet Droz

This ultra feminine elegant watch by Jaquet Droz has risen the bar for stylish watches. In their workshops at La Chaux –de-Fonds, they create the most extraordinary watches. The have outdone themselves with The Lady 8 Flower which is in the form of a blossoming lotus flower.

jaquet-droz-lady-8-flower-5This watch is made up of two super imposed circles that create a figure of eight which is known to be a symbol of harmony, perfection and unity. The lower circle has a delicate butterfly with its wings outstretched. There are two versions of the butterfly available, one with the wings painted and engraved and the other where the butterfly is set with blue sapphires and potrayed against snow set diamonds. The upper circle has a lotus flower under a sapphire crystal dome. Each petal is meticulously, enameled or engraved to give it a perfect satin finish. By pressing a push button, the lotus bud opens revealing its diamond heart.

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jaquet-droz-lady-8-flower-3Creating this watch has had its technological challenges as well to ensure that the mechanisms of the two dials do not interfere which each other.

jaquet-droz-lady-8-flower-2The lady 8 Flower comes in two limited edition versions, each having just 8 pieces. Blooming against a gold palette is this eye catching and delightfully feminine celebration of nature.

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