World’s oldest ship MV Doulos to be converted into a luxurious hotel

Many ships have been converted into luxurious hotels and resorts. The latest ship to be transformed into a profit making commercial venture is no modern day creation but the world’s oldest ship! The MV Doulos, aged 96 is all set be turned into a hotel with restaurants and a bookshop. According to The Straits Times, Singapore businessman, Eric Saw said he would invest 7.5 million Singapore dollars ($5.33 million) on upgrading this old ship and converting it into a luxury hotel. Saw, director of BizNaz Resources International, bought the ship for an undisclosed amount from the German Christian charity GBA Ships, which operated Doulos as a floating bookshop from 1977 before decommissioning it in Singapore last year.

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Built in 1914, the Doulos was on its way to the scrapyard before Saw intervened and expressed his desire to buy this ship. From being operated as a supply vessel to a cruise liner, the Duolos has undergone various name changes over the years. Saw will refurbish this old ship and turn its cabins into luxury hotel rooms, restaurants, banquet rooms, a maritime museum and offices.
The ship will be renamed Duolos Phos (the Greek words for “servant” and “light”) and be ready in its new avatar as a luxury hotel by next year.

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