Bay Psalm Book touted to be the world’s oldest and most expensive book at $30 million

Its World Book Day today, and what a wonderful piece of news to share! The first ever book to be printed in America will soon be put under the hammer, and is already touted to be the most expensive even before it finds a new buyer. Headlining a late November auction, the 1640 print of Bay Psalm Book is expected to fetch anywhere between $15 million to $30 million. The current ownership lies with Boston’s Old South Church, which owns two of the book’s copies. The sale will give the church much-need funds for “maintenance and public outreach”.

When last surfaced in 1947, the book earned a whopping $151,000; which comes to around $1.56 million when adjusted for inflation. If this new copy is sold, it will beat the Birds of America to take over the title.

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[Via – Time]