Worlds most expensive Valentines day dinner costs $100k includes rare wines, white caviar, gold leaf and a lot more

If this Valentine’s, a ‘no expense-spared’ dinner is your idea of a romantic evening, then this eight-course meal by Great British Chef Adam Simmonds might just match your idea money well spent. The Michelin starred chef has designed the world’s most expensive Valentine’s Day menu. The notorious list features everything from foie gras to white caviar, gold leaf, endangered bluefin tuna even! Clearly, it is as much ‘no ingredients-spared’ as well.

To be prepared at the indulgent diner’s home, the meal comes with $1,600 truffles, the $4,900 almus white caviar and Natives South Sea oysters that include pearls costing $9,800! But besides the money, what else adds to the covet-quotient of this meal is its amorous properties. “Taking luxurious and tantalizing ingredients such as watermelon, which is proven to have key similarities with Viagra in boosting nitric oxide; and chocolate, which is consumed as a sexual elixir; Adam has created a mouthwatering menu that brings romance to the boil,” says CEO of Great British Chefs, Ollie Lloyd.

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If you’re still wondering about said mouthwatering menu, think Smoked Eel, Rissotto with Carabineros Prawns, Saffron (believed in the Middle East to be alluring to women) and Gold Leaf, Wagyu Beef, Fermented Celeriac, Hops and Silver Leaf. The finale of the meal is Vanilla and Smoked Chocolate with Kopi Luwak (coffee increases the pleasure sensors in the brain) Ice Cream. Although, if I may add, the finale cannot be gotten without going through the Corney & Barrow created wine list. Its $28,000 bottle of La Romanee-Conti wine and a magnum of 1976 Salon Blanc de Blancs worth $5,000 constitute only a part of the $50,000 magnum sipping-opus that it is!

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What this also means for the diner than eight well paired courses is their whopping price tag of $100,000. If you could stomach that then feel free to stomach all of the above and more. The luxurious meal can be purchased at If not, you would be happy to know the website will also be enhancing the experience by covering the table in rose petals; releasing a dozen white doves, lighting 50 rose scented candles, and entertaining the couple with a harpist and a romantic poet. Could we now consider the extravagant spread sold?



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