Lehman Trikes 2010 CrossBow for a smooth three-wheely ride

Who wants to pursue the age-old trend of driving a two or four wheeled vehicle? It’s time to make a change and zoom off in the newest three-wheeler from Lehman Trikes. Dubbed CrossBow, it is powered by the Victory Vision 106 cu. in. Freedom V-Twin engine and features the genuine Lehman “No Lean” suspension. Such a combination leads to a speedy yet smooth ride. The company just took wraps off this modern American luxury touring trike at the Annual Victory Dealer Meeting in Wyoming. With a starting price of $34,000, 2010 CrossBow will hit the selected stores of Lehman in latter part of 2009.

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“This is an exciting breakthrough in the motorcycle industry,” said Dan Patterson, President and CEO of Lehman Trikes “the CrossBow is a cutting edge machine giving the rider a controlled, precise ride with impressive horsepower and torque. There is no doubt that riders will appreciate the exceptional handling and seamless styling of the CrossBow.”

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