A number of European islands will be up for grabs at auction next month!

Ever dreamed of owning a private island? Now be your chance to make that dream come true! A whopping 44 atolls around the boating Lakes of Vinkeveen will be up for auction in the Netherlands next month.

The tiny islands are situated near the town of Vinkeveen, 20 km from Amsterdam and while reserve prices have not yet been revealed, other islands in the region have sold for anywhere between €10,000 and €50,000.

The buyers will be taking on a big responsibility with the purchase of an island. It has been reported that as the small islands are being eroded over time, the buyer will be expected to carry out repair work. Anco Goldhoorn, who is the Alderman to the De Ronde Venen municipality which includes Vinkeveen told the Volkskrant newspaper, “We are having problems combating erosion. Every year bits of the islands are swallowed up by the water. The islands are part of the cultural history of Vinkeveen and by selling them we hope this unique landscape will still be here in 30 years’ time.”

Lovely Vinkeveen

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While building on the islands is prohibited at the moment, changes to the current rules are being discussed by the local council. Future owners may be able to construct wooden structures on their property. Even though only a number of the islands are open to the public currently, they offer facilities for motor boating, yachting and canoeing and have beaches, snack huts and picnic areas.

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