Banksy chimpanzee parliament expected to set new record

Banksy is creator of destruction, deftly explained in art. His anonymity is probably his biggest selling point, with his work being snatched up for millions of dollars. With British politics receiving flak from all sides and from across the world, it would seem just a natural transition for a scenario to make it to one of Bansky’s canvases.

This one is going to probably push the financial gains of his works to a record level. His work showing a Commons chamber full of chimpanzees is going to go under the hammer and estimated to attract £1.5 to £2 million. It will go on display for the first time in London at the Sotheby’s auction house this Sunday and will be out on sale on October 3. The location is as infamous as the artist who years ago shredded an artwork of his just a bit after it was sold for £1 million.

If the estimates are to be met, then this will be the highest paid for a Banksy artwork, which holds a current record of £1.9 million – Keep it Spotless – a Damien Hirst Spot painting on to which the England based street artist stencilled a main cleaning.

Modern art and its eccentricities at its best, supposedly.

Update – Banksy’s Devolved Parliament painting was auctioned for a record-breaking $12.1 million (12,142,893 to be precise). Fetching six times the Sotheby’s estimate of $1.9 million to $2.5 million.