Chris Pratt’s macho ride from Jurassic World, the Triumph Scrambler, hits the auction block for a good cause

For movie memorabilia collectors, the massive hit, Jurassic World, fourth in the dinosaur series, is putting up a little (well not so little) item on the old auction block. No it’s not a replica of the Indominus Rex, and no it’s not an animatronic raptor or some Samsung holographic display as showcased in the film; it is in fact, the custom Triumph motorcycle that actor Chris Pratt’s character makes good use of in the movie.

From chasing after the mega-dino along with his raptor cohorts, to escaping from his raptor cohorts and also trying to impress the lovely Bryce Dallas Howard, the custom Triumph Scrambler did it’s bit for Jurassic world as much as the T Rex (sort of). The German powered two-wheeler made its way to an eBay auction block on July 23rd to help raise money for the ‘Distinguished Gentleman’s Ride’, an organisation that helps raise money to conduct further research on prostate cancer.

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The 865-cc twin-cylinder Triumph Scrambler will also come with a certificate of authenticity to prove that it’s not some run-off-the-mill motorbike, but also has some celebrity status attached to it, after all, it plays an important role in the year’s biggest grosser. This is one the three Triumph Scramblers that were made for Jurassic World; one was presented to Chris Pratt and the third has a spot at the Triumph headquarters, where it’s on display.

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So if you happen to be a biker-buff looking for a macho ride with classic roots and also looking for a way to donate to a worthy cause, it doesn’t get any sweeter than this. The auction will be running for 10 days i.e. up to August 02nd so you’ve got plenty of time to pull out those bank books and credit cards.

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