Forever Lasting Love Triptych becomes the most expensive Chinese contemporary art at $10 million

It looks like the Chinese artists have finally found their place in the world of art auctions. A beautiful three-panel oil painting created by artist Zhang Xiaogang fetched a staggering HKD 79 million ($10 million) in a Chinese contemporary art auction by Sotheby’s Hong Kong. Painted in 1988, the painting titled Forever Lasting Love spots half-naked people in a barren landscape with symbols. Like an emaciated ram, the artwork will now be a part of Belgian collector Baron Guy Ullens’ collection.

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The collection of 105 paintings earned HKD 427 million, thrice the estimated price. Other notable sales by Chinese artists included Zhang Peili’s Series “X?” No 3 earned HKD 23milliom, and Geng Jianyi’s Two People Under a Light fetched HKD 18.6million.

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