Leica 0-Series becomes the most expensive camera ever sold in the world

When you are extraordinarily rich, and love photography, then equipment doesn’t really hold as much relevance as exclusivity. That is what I can deduce from the WestLicht Photographica auction held in Vienna. This Leica 0-Serie camera bearing the serial number 116 earned a staggering €2,160,000 ($2,790,000). Beating the world record held by Leica 0-Serie Nr.107, the earlier camera earned €1.3 million ($1.9 million) last year. Dated to 1923, the Leica 0-Series was a popular test camera of its time.

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Other interesting items to be sold included one of two existing gold plated M3 Leica cameras that earned €360,000 ($463,900). Another interesting item to be sold was a rare and fast Elcan 1/90mm + KE-7A (186) lens, which was limited to 10 units for the US Navy. It went for €228,000 ($ 293,800) in its maiden auction appearance.
The auction saw 95 percent of the camera lots being sold earning €5,351,000 ($6,895,200) in total.

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